Client:Global Consultancy Practice (“Big Four”)
Location:London, Leeds & Edinburgh (from India, Asia-Pacific & Europe)
Duration:3-6 months assignment period (per assignee)
Brief: Project Based Assignments
15-60 short term assignees at any one time
Singles, male & female (no children)
Solution: OPTION 1:
The sourcing and booking of a number of serviced apartments for the client company in the target location.

Client Benefit: Volume price discounts negotiated directly with accommodation suppliers by Curzon Relocation.

The securing of long-term accommodation (6+ month contracts) for client company and then rotating the individual assignees through.

Client Benefit: 40% cost saving on conventional short term accommodation costs.

Curzon Services:Short Term Serviced Apartment Sourcing/Booking.
Home Finding combined with Assignee Rotation Management Program.