Client:Japanese Pharmaceutical Company
Location:Watford, Herts, UK (primarily from Frankfurt, Germany)
Duration:6 months (main move, then periodic over 24 months)
Brief:Group Move. 200+ employees to new European Head Quarters
Solution:Group Move Program
  • Logistics coordination preparation with client HR Director
  • TTHCURZON assignee group presentation and initial interviewing in Frankfurt
  • HR policy relocation advisory with client
  • Assignee needs assessments & analysis
  • Client on-site support centre (TTHCURZON embedded with client). (Regular reporting & assessment structures)
  • “New location” local & area information packs
  • Website support centre
  • Detailed travel & communication logistics support including “living and travelling from London” options (compliance with Client Relocation Policy travel radius limits)
  • Assignee “Preview Trips” (including “group” accompanied Area Tours)
  • School search assistance (state & private schools)
  • Home Finding assistance including direct assignee “hook up” with local estate and letting agents
  • Settling-In Support
  • Help line
Client Benefits:
  • Total Service Solution provided by TTHCURZON Relocation
  • One point of contact for client and each individual assignee
  • The smooth transition of assignees in to their new location resulting in assignees quickly returning to 100% performance levels (minimal down time)
  • Maximum staff retention thereby keeping highly skilled and valued employees
  • Minimum voluntary redundancy programs being required (substantial cost savings)