TTHCURZON is a tried, tested and trusted service provider in both UK and Europe.

Senior Global HR Manager, Fortune 100 Company, Global Business Consulting


We have been delighted with the professionalism of the management services demonstrated by TTHCURZON Relocation. We are pleased to recommend their services to other companies accordingly.

HR Manager, Japanese Pharmaceutical Company


TTHCURZON Relocation were simply fantastic – we hadn’t realised before we came over just how much help and support we would get.

New Zealand Assignee, Global Business Services


The TTHCURZON Relocation team was courtesy itself. They went above and beyond normal expectations and were essential to my finding accommodation in a smooth and successful manner.

US Partner, Global Consulting Group


I am grateful to my Account Manager and the TTHCURZON Relocation team for their continuous support and assistance. They gave me the confidence to continue.

Bulgarian Assignee, Accountant


From discussions with my peers who have relocated without the assistance of TTHCURZON Relocation I was in a far better position! Thanks a million!

South African Assignee, Oil & Shipping


Our Account Manager was exceptional!

Indian Assignee, Auditor


TTHCURZON Relocation made the whole process as easy as it could be and we found a great place in no time. TTHCURZON Relocation was awesome!

US Assignee – Insurance


Excellent! A very professional service and particularly at such short notice!

German Assignee – Private Equity


TTHCURZON Relocation’s organisation operates in a professional manner and have handled me with pure integrity and class in all my interactions with them.
The rent would have been £100 more per week if I hadn’t used TTHCURZON Relocation to negotiate for me.

Senior Manager, Global Tax Solutions


I thought you’d like to know that TTHCURZON Relocation (who have helped me settle-in and find a flat) are absolutely fantastic! TTHCURZON have just made it so, so easy!

German Assignee, Global Consultancy


You did all the hard work and listened to all my needs that kept changing by the hour. How can one make up one’s mind in a city one doesn’t know? It’s definitely a hard job, that takes tact, understanding, patience, good-will, perseverance, and a nice friendly demeanour – all which wouldn’t get you anywhere without a great professional skills and knowing your city inside out, in addition to managing to get what you are after one way or another. You have all these qualities!

US – Italian Assignee, Global Technology Company


Thank you so much for a fantastic “customer experience” through what could have been a really stressful time for us and you (I am guess it is not every day that you have a 1 year old for house hunting).

US Assignee, International Pharmaceuticals Company